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Youth Development

Youth Development

Positive youth development helps communities develop their own young people, improving their chances of reaching their full potential and becoming upstanding and contributing members of society.

Several of Acorn Foundation’s beneficiaries adopt these principles:

Focus on strengths and positive outcomes

Communities help young people build on their strengths and develop their competencies, values and connections, which are needed in life and at work.


Youth voice and engagement

The youth are valuable members of society and have meaningful, decision-making roles to play in programmes and communities.


Strategies that involve all youth

Our beneficiaries support and interact with all youth rather than just focusing solely on ‘high-risk’ or ‘gifted’ youth. Communities do however recognise the need to identify and respond to specific problems faced by some youth (such as violence or premature parenthood).


Community involvement and collaboration.

Promoting the collaboration of organisational and community change by making all sectors aware of the key role they play in making the community a safer and better place to live.


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