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Acorn Foundation: Humble beginnings

Acorn Foundation NPC was founded due to passion and vision of a small group of people who simply couldn’t sit by and watch others suffer without offering a helping hand. As a result, the birth of the Foundation was a momentous and celebrated occasion. Although it started small, it has been carefully and lovingly nurtured into something quite beautiful and rare. Like a simple acorn that can create a thousand forests, the Foundation has grown to change and improve thousands of lives. And it is still growing and maturing into an initiative that not only touches lives, but impacts lives and livelihoods too.

A revolutionary ripple effect

The people behind the Foundation are united in their roles as servant leaders – leading the way in serving those less fortunate. They are also bonded in their progressive thinking and innovative ideas – cultivating them as revolutionary leaders. Together they aim to create an environment for all sentient beings to live in that is just, sustainable, and resilient for generations to come.

A soulful support structure

The Foundation also aims to support struggling organisations that are doing excellent work – work that aligns with our core values and causes. These organisations often do not have audited financials or may not be registered with SARS as a PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) – which means they cannot issue Section 18A tax donation receipts and BBBEE reports. The Foundation, in these instances, acts as a conduit because we are authorised to raise and receive funds on behalf of other NPOs.

Makes it Easy To Do Good

Acorn Foundation makes it easy for corporates and individuals, who may wish to make a difference, but might not have the time and resources, and who wish to know that they partner with a reliable, transparent and passionate organisation, which will ensure that their money is put to good use and to support their causes.

Section 18A Tax Donation Receipts are issued for all cash and other bona fide donations made to the organisation.


Restoring Dignity


Fighting Poverty

Being Accountable

Champion Partnerships

Leaving a legacy: a lasting and sustainable impact

Acorn Foundation focuses on projects that are sustainable and will make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of the vulnerable, and communities in need. These are some of the services we have provided over the last few years:

Restoring dignity by providing clothes, shoes, toiletries, and access to health care, as well as funding life-threatening procedures.

Hunger and poverty alleviation through the provision of food packs, nutrition, supplements, and water, as well as the creation of vegetable gardens and planting of fruit trees, to becoming more self-reliant.

Empowering through education by providing learners stationery and other items that they require, ensuring they have a good start to their education. Improving welfare by providing resources and improving living conditions.

Skills development by assisting with the training and skills development of those who care for our beneficiaries and our women empowerment program

Improving welfare by providing resources and improving living conditions.

Legal assistance by assisting our beneficiaries with basic governance so that they can receive their social grants, enroll their children in schools and obtain birth certificates and IDs which children will require later in their lives.

Community development by bringing the community together to act and generate solutions to common problems, such as poverty and malnutrition. In addition, empowering communities to become more self-sufficient through various programs and initiatives, such as creating sustainable food solutions and planting fruit trees. Toilets and borehole – write something about

Greening communities through environmental projects, such as tree planting, recycling, water preservation and green technology projects, as well as assisting with environmental advocacy/governance

Current Projects