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A good education opens the door to better economic prospects.

Although we have made great strides in providing children throughout South Africa the tools to be educated, (97% of school age children attend school), in 2015 South Africa was ranked 139 out of 143 countries when evaluating the overall quality of its education system (World Economic Forum (WEF) released its Global Information Technology Report 2015). Compounding this dilemma is the fact that as much as 33% of all youth aged between 15-24 neither work, nor are enrolled in an education institution.

The reality is that a quality education is vital in a world where knowledge and skills have become customary and the global currency, certainly the key to better jobs and improved lives.

The Acorn Foundation is proud to be continuously working towards providing programs that include a wide range of activities, training of educators, the building of learning centers and libraries, and providing educational materials, books and classroom furniture to many of the under-resourced schools. These programmes also empower youth through service learning and leadership training to become active in their communities and so also become agents for change.



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